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Areopagus Volume LXIII

Areopagus Volume LXIII Welcome one and all to the sixty third volume of the Areopagus. Autumn is here at last, and I can think of few better messages with which to start this new season than that of Among the Rocks, a short poem by the inimitable Robert Browning: Oh, good gigantic smile o’ the...
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4 days ago • 16 min read

Areopagus: The Golden Age?

Areopagus Readers' Special Welcome one and all to another Readers' Special — where the Areopagus is written by you. Last week I asked this question: Is the idea of the "Golden Age" just nostalgia, or was there really a time in the past when things were better than they are now? If so, when? And I...
12 days ago • 19 min read

Areopagus Volume LXII

Areopagus Volume LXII Welcome one and all to the sixty second volume of the Areopagus. Autumn is just around the corner (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) but Summer has in the last few days given a mighty, final showing of its golden glory where I am — four days of beating sun and...
20 days ago • 25 min read

Areopagus Volume LXI

Areopagus Volume LXI Welcome one and all to the sixty first volume of the Areopagus. Given the extraordinary patience which you have shown in dealing with, over the last fortnight, not only one but two atypical and extended instalments of the Areopagus, I have decided that today we really must...
27 days ago • 22 min read

Areopagus Volume LX

Areopagus Volume LX Welcome one and all to the sixtieth volume of the Areopagus. We begin with an exciting announcement: not so long ago I spoke with David Perell, the founder of Write of Passage and my patron, about both my personal story and the trials and tribulations of writing in general....
about 1 month ago • 31 min read

Areopagus Volume LIX

Areopagus Volume LIX Welcome one and all to the fifty ninth volume of the Areopagus — and a somewhat atypical edition. Rather than the usual seven short lessons, I present for you this week something closer to an essay. I was ruminating on a famous old adage and found myself, suddenly, writing...
about 1 month ago • 18 min read

Areopagus Volume LVIII

Areopagus Volume LVIII Welcome one and all to the fifty eighth volume of the Areopagus — and, this week, an express edition. For I have set myself the challenge of using no more than two hundred words (not including quotes) in each section! What was it Robert Browning said about a man's reach...
about 2 months ago • 19 min read

Areopagus Volume LVII

Areopagus Volume LVII Welcome one and all to the fifty seventh volume of the Areopagus. Two hundred and thirty one years ago today Percy Bysshe Shelley was born, a man who has not unreasonably been called England's greatest ever poet. Had he lived longer — for Shelley, living in self-imposed...
about 2 months ago • 30 min read

Areopagus Volume LVI

Areopagus Volume LVI Welcome one and all to the fifty sixth instalment of the Areopagus. I don't suppose there's a better way to begin this week's newsletter than by sharing with you this photograph, sent to me by Alex K and taken on a one hundred year old camera, of the Areopagus itself — that...
2 months ago • 30 min read

Areopagus Volume LV

Areopagus Volume LV Welcome one and all to the fifty fifth instalment of the Areopagus. Mid-July, what joy! Earlier, on what has been an admittedly not-so-glorious English summer's day, I came across a bumble bee, and was reminded of the great Roman poet Virgil. One of his early masterpieces is...
2 months ago • 28 min read
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